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About Us

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At Lde we have been providing Managed Digital Services since our inception in 1988, and have been at the forefront of the data communications industry ever since.

Over that time we have been pioneers of mobile IP, IP CCTV and also VoIP telephony, offering all three aforementioned technologies to our customer base for over 10 years; much longer than the vast majority of our competitors. We also continue to offer various historic protocols which allows us to support a vast range of different environments and infrastructures.

Our notable achievements include being responsible for the first ever landing of a Eurofighter Typhoon on a civilian airfield, after working closely with the MOD to provide them with an appropriate secure data connection to upload the planes telemetry, something which had never been achieved before.

We are experienced in managing networks of over 1000 devices in places which include major international airports such as Gatwick and Stansted, and also provide stable, secure data connections for a host of Formula One teams during in-season testing, allowing them to analyse data at their team headquarters in real time rather than having to wait until they return.

Our SmartAlarms monitored CCTV system has been developed over the last ten years from a data communications point of view and is now in its fourth iteration, taking advantage of the latest in IP CCTV technology.

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