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Our SmartAlarms systems have been designed and developed specifically to protect vulnerable sites out of hours. It was first developed after our investigation and analysis of thefts from fuel depots, and with the assistance of an ex Scotland Yard Commander.

Since starting with fuel depots, we have since installed SmartAlarms systems in many different environments, including quarries, forensics labs, ballistics testing facilities, film studios, yacht clubs, offices, shops and many more.

Our bespoke software means we don't have to be constantly watching banks of monitors to spot incidents, it does it for us. As soon as there is any movement on a site, the images are instantly sent live to our operatives via our encrypted network. Our operatives will then either clear the alarm as non-threatening or call the designated site contact.


Unlike other systems, rather than alerting a monitoring centre and then having an operative log in to view the cameras, our SmartAlarms systems instantly send images of what caused it to trigger. The image is the alarm and the alarm is the image! Our operatives are on duty 24/7 at our in-house monitoring centre and the system will continue to present an alarm to them until it is appropriately dealt with.

This intelligent approach to CCTV monitoring means that we can design, install, monitor and maintain our systems at extremely competitive rates.

We currently offer two different types of system; SmartAlarms V3 and SmartAlarms V4. V3 utilises more traditional CCTV equipment mated to our IP video servers to keep installation costs to a minimum, whereas our newly released V4 system now boasts a wide array of extra health and safety and site management features, and takes advantage of the latest generation of IP cameras for vastly improved image quality.

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SmartAlarms V3

SmartAlarms V4